Short introduction

About us

The company “Nexta Invest” was registered in 2020, when we, partners with many years of experience in specific areas have joined our strengths, knowledge and competence and started working with investments. We specialize in selecting, financing, increasing the value and selling of businesses and business projects. Our team has solid experience related to the assessment, development and seeking out finance for investment projects as well as the management and selling of businesses and investments. The main purpose of the company - the forming of a portfolio of investment and financial assets as well as value maximization for our investors through an effective management of real and financial capital.


Becoming a large investment holding controlling a solid investment portfolio consisting of businesses steadily generating value, real estate objects and startups with great growth prospects.


Becoming a reliable and important connection between financial capital looking for opportunities and investment alternatives with real economic potential in the economy of Eastern Europe.


To create maximum added value to our companies, partners and investors by working with professional partners, having vast access to financial informational sources, disposing of a unique data analysis and management system and controlling a balanced investment portfolio.

Company values

Being result-oriented

Setting ambitious goals, understanding the goals clearly. Targeted team work and concentration towards work results are the key values of our business which will always ensure our ability to grow and improve.

Experience and competence

Our team’s experience and knowledge of investing, business, finance and risk management, seeking out capital, negotiations and strategic planning are values with which the highest worth is added.

Pursuit of exclusiveness

Non-standard thinking, the application of the most modern solutions, innovations, the constant search for new opportunities are values that will allow us to always create exclusiveness in the market as well as keep it.

Persistence and responsibility

Initiativeness, energy, ambitiousness, the willingness to take calculated risks and confidently move in the chosen direction while accepting responsibility for our actions and results are the foundational values of our business.