Key points


  • 1. An experienced team. The inner partners of the company are talented and responsible people with 12-25 years of experience. Each of us are responsible for areas in which our talents are highlighted best. Members of our team have reached professional heights in each of their areas. We are investors and business owners who have successfully developed and sold numerous businesses. In total, we have realized dozens of investment projects.
  • 2. Professional help. We only work with experienced outside business partners who are competent in their areas and who responsibly and professionally carry out their tasks. We have partners not only in Lithuania but also in other countries. Their competence includes finance, law, management, marketing, investment project management, engineering, energetics and other areas and sectors.
  • 3. Responsible outlook. In our business, there are no trifles. When analysing, evaluating, planning, investing, controlling and selling we look at everything seriously and with utmost responsibility. We apply modern financial engineering instruments and law leverage to protect the interests of our financial, cooperation and other partners.


  • 1. Programme investment evaluation. A successful investing process begins from correctly chosen investments. Thus, we consider investment analysis and evaluation very important. For this process, we use programs specifically made for this purpose and systemic algorithms that aid in quickly and effectively analysing and evaluating investments as well as in forecasting their prospectiveness and riskiness.
  • 2. Systemic management of investments and assets. While working, we follow a strict investing rule. We always invest with a stock norm of a defined size. For increasing the value of assets, we use strategies, methods and models that we have tested out and are continuously improving. When controlling investments, we take advantage of helping systems that allow us to make asset management and portfolio correction decisions that are grounded with financial logic.
  • 3. Programme risk and finance management. To control the company’s finance and risk as well as to engage in financial monitoring of the activity, we put into use an activity oriented, tailor-made algorithm system. Such system allows you to effectively plan your financial flows, see the riskiness of the investments, possible turnover problems and possibilities to invest and accept the added risk.


  • 1. Investing in information. The main good of this age is information. Those who access it, control it and know how to use it can significantly increase their net worth. By having and constantly developing our information channels, access and information processing systems and by putting our competence in use, we seek to create maximum value for our company and its investors.
  • 2. Contemporary financial engineering. In the investment financing process, investing, asset management and sales, we use modern financial engineering tools that allow for much broader investment management and capital attracting opportunities. In our activities, we take advantage of 9 types of specialized investment financing models and more than a dozen financing instruments.
  • 3. Development of innovative projects. In order to seek competitive uniqueness and incomparably bigger expansive and growth opportunities in abroad markets, we will create and develop our own innovative projects related to investment-financial activity. Right now one of such unique IT projects related to the company’s activities is in the development stage.