Investment directions

We are on the outlook for investment opportunities in various types of activity and business sectors depending on our and our partners’ competence in that area, return on investment opportunities, investment riskiness and length of investment but mostly we concentrate on these areas:

Environmental protection and ecology

Such investments can be related to waste management, recycling, air and water cleaning, utilisation of hazardous materials, making new products from waste according to the conjuncture of the circular economy, etc. We prioritise companies and start-ups working in the aforementioned areas.

Alternative energy

Such investments can be related to wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biogas or other energy as well as technologies for extracting and converting hydrogen. We also have an interest in investing in effective and innovative systems for energy storage, transfer, saving or transformation as well as in the creation of infrastructure for such systems.


Such investments can be related to the creation of specialised gear made for disease prevention, diagnostics or monitoring of the body’s functions as well as the creation and improvement of devices for medical treatment or other purposes. We are also interested in the creation of systems for information processing, analysis, the improvement of the healthcare system, etc.

Robotics and artificial intelligence

Such investments can be related to the creation and installation of innovative automised systems in industry or other areas of activity. We are interested in investments into artificial intelligence systems that are made for financial, investment and other types of risk management, financial forecasting, the management of business finance, project management, social process analysis and planning.